New Head of BRAINFORCE South Africa

German-South African Gunther Voet succeeds Lynda Gibson

The Senior Emerging Markets expert Gunther Voet has taken over the responsibility as the Country Manager of BRAINFORCE South Africa located in Johannesburg. He now succeeds Lynda Gibson who has been serving as Country manager to date, and who will now focus on coaching assignments.

gunther-voet-country-manager-south-africaGunther Voet has a broad working experience particularly in Africa, South America and Asia. As a project manager, consultant and director he had served over 30 years for various organizations such as the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation and other public development and private management consulting companies. As an entrepreneur in South Africa, he established an industrial European-South African Business Park. Subsequently, he had joined BRAINFORCE in a business development role in 2014.

„We are proud to have with Gunther Voet a top senior Africa expert on board. Interim Management solutions in South Africa and the sub-Saharan Region are essential for the transformation of both local subsidiaries of international enterprises and local African companies with international activities.”, says Martin Schneider, CEO of the BRAINFORCE Group. According him Gunther Voet shall further expand the strong position of BRAINFORCE in this growing market.

Gunther Voet build up his experience in project management and crisis management in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Liberia and South Africa. He also worked for 14 years in Chile, Peru, Afghanistan and Mongolia.

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