with technical know-how

Fill management functions in the production plant of an automotive supplier on an interim basis on short notice

A precisely selected interim plant manager, a temporary production manager, an interim program manager, an interim QM or an interim QA/QC manager, a temporary logistics manager, etc., takes over operational responsibility within a few days. Personnel changes at the management level in production/operations in the automotive industry usually arise unexpectedly and at short notice. Key functions must not remain vacant. Sometimes internal succession solutions can be found, but often this turns out not to be successful. A vacancy that is not filled or not filled optimally for several weeks can end up being very expensive, much more expensive than the cost of an interim manager. The appointed interim manager knows the various production processes, LEAN processes, 5S, etc. from his own experience and applies them in a company-specific way. He takes over the existing, solves current problems, and optimizes the processes.

What are the advantages of an interim manager in the automotive industry?

An interim manager is deployed precisely for a specific task and a company-specific environment. He usually brings 10-15 years of relevant experience, be it in general management (CEO, COO, CFO), in production, in the supply chain, in purchasing, in R&D, in quality assurance/EHS, in logistics, in sales or in the areas of finance/controlling, human resources and IT. Since the interim manager has successfully mastered various corporate situations and challenges, he brings real added value to the client company (“Best Practice”). The interim manager immediately recognizes the weak points and proposes pragmatic solutions, which he also immediately implements with his subordinate employees. Thanks to his broad previous management experience, his above-average social competence, his technical know-how and his impartiality, even the most difficult company situations can be mastered quickly.

Bottlenecks in management positions – interim management is the most efficient solution

An interim manager provides immediate support and relief without having to go through a learning curve. Thanks to the interim manager, the client company immediately gains valuable freedom of action, enabling it to focus on e.g. strategic issues, and to leave the day-to-day business to the interim manager in whole or in part. In a crisis or after a crisis, sometimes unexpected bottlenecks arise in management positions. This happens either due to overload, or absence due to illness while the deputy is also not there, etc. Therefore, Interim management is the ideal management tool for company leaders.

Being in the right place at the right time.

An Automotive Manager interim as a bridge, but not only…

An interim manager in the automotive supply industry is deployed precisely to address certain urgent or strategically important corporate situations. For example, when changing an existing organizational structure. Reasons for a reorganization include shifts in the environment or in the production program of a company, personnel changes due to the entry or departure of (important) key players. When a reaction through small adjustments is no longer sufficient, radical cuts are necessary to save the company. This action is called restructuring, i.e. a new orientation of the company under the changed conditions. Both are typical areas of application for interim managers.