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Consumer Goods/FMCG – Fill positions in Supply Chain and Sales on short notice

Speed is of the essence in an industry as dynamic as consumer goods/FMCG. The supply chains for fast moving consumer goods, such as food or non-food, are often complex and very sensitive to disruptions in the logistics chain. Also, for example, a system crash during the implementation of a new warehouse ERP system or when moving into a new high-bay warehouse can have devastating effects on the ability to deliver.

What are the benefits of an interim manager for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in retail?

An interim manager for FMCG is selected precisely for a specific issue. This eliminates a learning curve at the beginning of the assignment. Typical assignments for interim managers who have the necessary experience in consumer and luxury goods, in fashion and in trade are either in marketing, procurement, supply chain or IT.

Interim managers from the retail industry can quickly adapt a company to market changing requirements

The value of an experienced interim manager in the consumer goods environment lies in the fact that he/she knows a wide variety of market and company situations, or is selected from a large quality pool with correspondingly specific experience. Thanks to the very useful outside view and knowledge of the market dynamics, he/she can give exactly the right operational impulses to a client company.

Being in the right place at the right time.

An interim consumer goods manager for retail and distribution serves as an interim bridge, but not only…

An interim manager is not only used to bridge a short-term vacancy. Often there are projects that require specific know-how with corresponding operational experience. Thanks to a certain overqualification, the interim manager can shorten the learning curve or avoid it altogether, and the client company saves time in the implementation of time-critical projects.