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What are the tasks of an interim manager in electrical engineering?

An interim manager in electrical engineering is often used to bridge a management vacancy in manufacturing (e.g. PCB assembly), in electronics/EMS development, in supply chain management and logistics. Often, however, they are specific project managers with a time-limited horizon who focus, for example, on Industry 4.0 topics, the identification of innovation potential, or the optimization of the electronics development process. Interim assignments are more or less equally common in B2B (automotive electronics) or B2C (consumer electronics) oriented electronics companies.

What challenges does an interim manager face in the electrical engineering industry and how can he support the company?

The challenges in most interim assignments are to solve leadership issues, be it in a line management or in a project management function. The focus is on combining basic technical knowledge with a business perspective, coupled with above-average leadership skills. However, an assignment can also be quite different: The support for the development of the electronics strategy by an experienced interim manager with strategy consulting background is usually the preferred solution for a medium-sized electronics company that supplies its electrical/electronic components with innovative technologies to the automotive industry, power engineering (solar, wind, etc.) and other industries.

Interim managers from the electrical engineering sector make a significant contribution to quickly adapting a company to market-changing requirements.

Speed and adaptability to market changes are the recipe for success, especially for medium-sized electronics companies. A professionally selected interim manager significantly shortens the typically expensive learning curve for such changes, as he or she brings the appropriate experience to the table. This allows maximum use to be made of the innovation potential and the management of personnel requirements to be optimized.

Being in the right place at the right time.

An interim electrical engineering manager in manufacturing development often serves as a bridge, but not only…

For an interim manager, the focus of most assignments is on a temporary line or project management task. However, it is not uncommon for the interim manager to be called in for strategic issues or as a management coach. His many years of experience and his outside perspective make him a real added value for the company.