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Interim Manager in Pharma can be deployed promptly

Interim management is a growing discipline in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for CDMOs, because speed, coupled with leadership experience and expertise, is critical to the success of a life sciences company. The Covid pandemic in particular has given a big boost to this. Within days, vacancies at the top, upper and middle management levels can be filled on an interim basis to suit the specific situation. In addition to the classic line or specialist functions, project management for a wide range of pharmaceutical issues is also frequently in demand. A professional interim management provider is the right contact to be able to deploy the best-suited interim manager for the pharmaceutical industry within days.

What tasks does an interim manager perform in pharmaceutical companies?

The range of applications for interim managers in the pharmaceutical industry is broad. Functions such as managing director of a subsidiary abroad, CFO, COO, CTO, CPO or CIO, the professional interim bridging of a vacancy that has arisen unexpectedly is of great importance for the company. But also the assignment of an interim head of production, an interim head of quality, an interim head of supply chain, an interim head of facility management or other key functions is the most efficient solution to professionally cope with either a management vacancy, a capacity bottleneck or a special situation. For a restructuring or strategic realignment of a pharmaceutical or chemical company, a professional Interim CRO is suitable.

Success-critical projects or the launch of a new product in the pharmaceutical industry require experience and management capacity

Success-critical projects usually do not allow for a time-consuming and expensive learning curve. Therefore, the use of an interim manager who has successfully mastered comparable projects in the pharmaceutical industry is of great advantage. Especially in growth, change or contraction situations, pharma project managers with relevant leadership experience are needed to quickly achieve the targeted result. A specific issue can be the launch or re-launch of pharma products and newly created brands. The market launch of, for example, a new nutritional supplement is considerably accelerated by the use of a professional interim manager selected precisely for this task. Or the existing purchasing manager has resigned and important purchasing negotiations with suppliers for direct and/or indirect materials are imminent. The many years of experience, objectivity and results orientation of an interim buyer will lead to particularly high savings for the company, especially in this situation.

Being in the right place at the right time.

An interim manager in a pharmaceutical or biotech company often serves as a bridge, but not only…

In the pharmaceutical industry, especially in fast growing biotech companies, interim managers are often used to bridge vacancies in management positions. Interim Pharma project managers are just as frequently in demand for a wide range of issues, both in key administrative areas such as finance, human resources, IT/digitization, as well as in operations such as production, quality, supply chain, logistics, setting up or expanding a production facility, etc. An interim manager pharma from the pool of a professional interim management service provider is unbiased, brings specifically relevant pharma experience and has above-average leadership and people skills to lead challenging pharma projects to success.