Innovative Interim Management concept into Portugal

BRAINFORCE establishes Interim Management in Portugal as the first Company

BRAINFORCE establishes Interim Management in Portugal as the first Company

Zurich, 24 Sep. 2018. The leading international Interim Management Services Provider BRAINFORCE is introducing the innovative Interim Management concept into Portugal as the first firm. The newly established associate company named Experienced Management aims to adjust the paradigm of the labor market to the reality and current needs. A dozen high-caliber personalities of economic life in Portugal have joined as shareholders.

At a time when the labor market demands differentiated solutions, a dozen personalities of economic life in Portugal create an innovative project for Interim Management. The Project aims to allocate selected entrepreneurial professionals with proven experience to line-management functions or to specific projects on demand, immediately and flexible for a defined period of time.

Establishing “Experienced Management – Interim Management Solutions by BRAINFORCE” in Lisbon means responding to the needs of medium to large-sized companies by matching the best suitable senior executives from a base of more than 1’000 alumni of the leading Portugese Universities, spread globally.

Maria Rosario Pinto Correia“We are pleased to power up Portugal and the Portugese speaking Markets in General with respect to Interim Management together with our Associate Mrs. Rosario Pinto Correia, who is managing the new company”, says Martin Schneider, Chairman and CEO of the BRAINFORCE Group.

“This new platform of Interim Management in the Latin World emerges with the objective of responding to a double pressing challenge in our society: to provide companies with management resources that allow them to meet specific needs on demand and to benefit from the wisdom of carefully selected leaders and managers with a proven track record”, Professor and MD of Experienced Management, Ms. Rosario Pinto Correia adds.

The new company’s co-shareholders are top executives from Unilever, Quantico Real Estate, VdA Law, BearingPoint, CapGemini, and other leading Portugese consulting firms and Universities.


BRAINFORCE, based in Zurich/Switzerland was established in 1979, assumes management responsibilities at the middle and top Management Levels worldwide – on short notice and for a mutually defined time frame.

The BRAINFORCE Interim Management Business Model builds on quality, speed, flexibility, confidentiality, responsibility and results orientation. The BRAINFORCE M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool contains in excess of 6.500 carefully selected and specialized interim managers and project managers with many years of industry-critical professional experience. More than 4,000 mandates completed successfully. BRAINFORCE operates ten own locations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Baltics, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, China, and two associate locations in Portugal and Japan.