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BRAINFORCE Management Excellerator

With our proven BRAINFORCE Management Excellerator methodology, we support our valued clients in solving their biggest challenges.
The core of the methodology is a unique communication architecture that allows achieving best results in the shortest possible time.
Results, which are outstanding not only in terms of quality of content, but also in terms of feasibility, as all the key decision-makers or stake holders of the client’s organization worked out the actions and are fully committed to them.
The methodology is suitable to resolve all kinds of business challenges. Typical issues include

  • business strategy,
  • change management,
  • growth generation,
  • market entry,
  • digitalisation, IoT
  • mergers and cooperation,
  • cost management,
  • as well as all kinds of operational topics.

Top ManagementThe BRAINFORCE Management Excellerator involves up to forty of the most important decision-making and know-how carriers of a company or organization. The knowledge, the experience and the skills of the people involved are bundled and linked in such a way in order to create completely new solutions.
Within a few days, the challenges addressed are conceptually resolved, along with concrete actions to be implemented immediately. Thanks to the commitment of all stakeholders, the developed plans lead to measurable results within weeks.

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Ivan Beldi Head of EXPERT Solution

Ivan Beldi, lic. oec. HSG
Member of the Executive Management
Executive Vice President Expert Solutions

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