Become an Interim Manager

The first step to be a member of the BRAINFORCE M.A.S.T.E.R.3– Pool®

First step

Entrepreneurial managers/leaders and experts who are able to achieve solutions and results within the shortest possible time frame. You save the learning curve thanks to their extensive relevant experience.

BRAINFORCE provides Excellence in Interim Management and Expert Solutions

The success of any assignment starts with the right selection
of the Interim Manager or Expert.

The selection is based upon a validated, well-structured screening process:

  • Does the candidate have the right leader personality?
  • Identifying the right project manager or the appropriate experienced senior expert profile.
  • A proven track record (References)
  • Hands-on and entrepreneurial mindset
  • A good standing in any respect
  • And many more

Unique, multi-stage selection process for determining the candidate’s qualification, track record, personality and resilience.

Please push the button “Contact Form” for your application as interim manager.

The steps of your application as an interim manager on time at BRAINFORCE

The process for selecting the right manager, the right project manager or the experienced expert as a temporary manager is validated by a proven, structured process:

  • Your records will be reviewed by the BRAINFORCE M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool® Management Team for qualifications and experience.
  • A personal interview will be conducted.
  • A personality assessment will be conducted for ensuring the right fit for our and our client’s needs.
  • There will be a reference check.
  • After successful review of your documents, you will receive further information and documentation from BRAINFORCE for the next steps.
  • The M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool® accreditation process will be concluded by signing the BRAINFORCE Framework Agreement.

We invite you to join the exciting BRAINFORFCE world!