Russian Desk

Interim Management & Consulting for the Russian Market

Russian Desk
Interim Management in Russia

What is the Russian Desk?

The Russian desk of BRAINFORCE is focusing on business activities in conjunction with Russia and the CIS countries.

BRAINFORCE assists international and Russian companies in the following:

  • Providing effective interim management solutions for Russian and international companies in Russia, and for Russian companies in Switzerland, Germany, South Africa or China
  • Providing consulting services from top professional experts from the BRAINFORCE M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool®.
    FFor example: to develop a sound business strategy at international standards, to conduct marketing research, and to launch a certain food supplement product in in Western Europe, etc.
  • Setting-up and Starting-up companies/operations in Switzerland, Germany, China and in other countries.
    For example: as a turnkey offering or a partial service offering according to the specific needs
  • Identifying the right business partners in Switzerland and in all other markets where the BRAINFORCE Group operates its own offices.
  • To professionalize the supply chain in an American automotive supplier subsidiary in Russia

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