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Management Excellerator & Development

Manager Ausbildung

Management Development

The management trainings of BRAINFORCE clearly differ from the mainstream due to the content, methods and, in particular, the personalities involved.

We design customer-specific training programs. The training and workshops are highly interactive. They enable the participants to reflect and apply what they have learned to their own environment and in the context of the personal challenges. In this way, the knowledge is more internalized and a direct benefit arises for participants and companies.

Selection of topics from the management training
program of Brainforce

Management Consulting

With E.X.P.E.R.T.3-Solutions®, BRAINFORCE offers a genuine alternative to classic consulting providers. A professional and implementation-oriented service combining state-of-the-art approaches and experienced management professionals.

Key area of Brainforce Management Consulting Practice

Our senior experts achieve results in close collaboration with our clients. The skilled involvement of client’s decision-makers, coupled with the leverage of the organizational knowledge, lead to supported and quickly implementable plans.

Brainforce Management Excellerator

With our proven Management Excellerator methodology we accompany our customers in solving their biggest challenges.

The method allows involving up to 40 of the most important decision-makers and know-how bearers of a company. The knowledge, the experience and the skills of the people involved are bundled and networked in such a way that completely new solutions are created.

Top Management

Within a few days, the challenges addressed are conceptually solved. Thanks to the commitment of all stakeholder involved. The developed plans lead very quickly to tangible results. The Management Excellerator® method is a particularly advanced way of consulting with results far beyond expectations.

Typical issues include company strategy, corporate transformation, digitalization, market entry, mergers and cooperation. Furthermore cost management, as well as all kinds of operational topics.