Interim Management and Consulting as a solution for your company

Your success through our know-how.

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Interim Management and Consulting is the core competency of BRAINFORCE as the pioneer of the Interim Management industry in Continental Europe.

The right know-how for a specific task

Interim-Managers assume full operational responsibility for what they are assigned for. Within days the most suitable expert or project manager take over the management responsibility to bridge management gaps.

In a line, functional, or project role, they leave the client company only after they have implemented the appropriate solution successfully, sustainably and after the existing organization has fully re-taken charge.

Do not confuse interim management services with temporary staffing (providing “temp workers”). The latter has traditionally been the service offered by typically mid-sized or large multinational staffing companies, a volume business for lower level positions, as opposed to a tailored business at management levels.

Interim Management is very different from temp work

Firstly, the Interim Manager is an outsourced solution even though he/she is working in-house and does not fall under an employee status. Secondly, the Interim Manager is always well qualified or even over-qualified to take over a certain role at the middle or top management level. This is a pre-requisite for success in challenging situations as there is no time for a learning curve. Thirdly, the interim manager is a person who is leading people with above-average social competency.

In addition to the definition of Wikipedia, there are many more situations for which interim management is particularly useful.

Industry competence in the area of…

Automotive and Transport – Electrical Engineering – Pharmacy and Chemical Industry – Plant- und Mechanical Egineering – Consumer Goods – Building Industry – Metal Prosessing – Medical Technology – Financial Services – Energy Industry – IT – Telecommunication and Media – Commerce – Government Agency