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The Interim Manager to bridge the gap and as the best possible management support

In different phases of a company development or when suddenly problems arise, specialist knowledge is often needed longer than just a few consulting days.

Interim managers always represent the most efficient solution for the company if the existing management is overwhelmed with an extraordinary situation or wants to ensure that the solution is reached with lowest-possible risk.

Interim Management and Consulting is the core competency of BRAINFORCE as the pioneer of the Interim Management industry in Continental Europe

Industry competence in the area of…

Automotive and Transport – Electrical Engineering – Pharmacy and Chemical Industry – Plant- und Mechanical Egineering – Consumer Goods – Building Industry – Metal Prosessing – Medical Technology – Financial Services – Energy Industry – IT – Telecommunication and Media – Commerce – Government Agency

The right know-how for a specific task

The trend towards individual and flexible solutions has prevailed in most areas of the economy. Especially in the area of management functions, an increase of popularity of interim managers can be observed. “One for all and for at least 4 years…” is replaced by the objective: “The right manager to bridge the gap for a specific task or situation. At the right time and for the time period needed”.

Forward-looking companies simply prefer tailor-made management solutions. Results, value-for-money, lower risk and higher flexibility count.

Interim Management vs. Temporary Staffing

Do not confuse interim management services with temporary staffing (providing “temp workers”). The latter has traditionally been the service offered by often multinational staffing companies, such as e.g. Adecco, a volume business for lower level positions. This is very different from a tailored interim management business at management levels.

Firstly, the Interim Manager does not fall under an employee status despite the fact that he assumes a full operational management responsibility for a certain period of time. Secondly, the Interim Manager is always well qualified or even over-qualified to take over a certain role at the middle or top management level. This is a pre-requisite for success in challenging situations as there is no time for a learning curve. Thirdly, the interim manager is a person who is leading people with above-average social competency.

Why are managers used to bridge the gap?

In crisis management, interim managers are often used to bridge management personnel shortfalls to restructure all or a part of the company. For this reason, highly qualified interim managers are often seen as the “fire brigade” of company management. They often take on unpleasant tasks such as restructuring or closing a company and do what is necessary to achieve the goal (sometimes even so-called “dirty management jobs”).

BRAINFORCE Interim Management and E.X.P.E.R.T.3-Solution® such as

  • bridging a management gap,
  • scoping and implementing a challenging project,
  • restructuring and re-organization,
  • transformation and change management,
  • succession planning,
  • assuming operational responsibilities in business activities abroad,
  • introducing specific know-how into an organization or a process and many more

M&A and succession

Also in the areas of M&A and management succession, when buying or selling a part of a company or the entire company, interim management offers most valuable support and ensures success for the decision makers.

The BRAINFORCE M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool® comprises over 6,500 hand-picked managers and top specialists with a proven track record and with long-standing experience, passing a demanding, multi-stage admission process.

Industry competency – interim management in the area of…

Industry competency, along with many other skills, is one of the key success factors of an interim manager. a Industry knowledge is almost indispensable in order to be able to implement tasks quickly and competently. The core competencies of the BRAINFORCE Interim Managers can be found in the following areas:

Machinery and plant construction, Automotive and transportation – Electronics and engineering – Pharmaceuticals and chemicals – – Consumer goods – Construction – Metal processing – Medicine – Finance and services – Energy – IT – Telecommunications and media – Trade – Public Sector and NGOs.