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Interim Management Auswahl

Interim Management ist very different from temp work.

Firstly, the Interim Manager is an outsourced solution even though he/she is working in-house and does not fall under an employee status.

Secondly, the Interim Manager is always well qualified or even over-qualified to take over a certain role at the middle or top management level. This is a pre-requisite for success in challenging situations as there is no time for a learning curve.

Thirdly, the interim manager is a person who is leading people with above-average social competency.

Tailord solutions with the BRAINFORCE Manager Pool

BRAINFORCE offers a powerful alternative to any traditional management consulting company, thanks to its large, high-quality BRAINFORCE M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool®.

Do not confuse interim management services with temporary staffing (providing “temp workers”). The latter has traditionally been the service offered by typically mid-sized or large multinational staffing companies. A volume business for lower level positions, as opposed to a tailored business at management levels.

5.000 Experts for you

The unique BRAINFORCE M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool® with over 6,500 carefully selected experts, guarantees worldwide the ideal competence in all industries and for every task.

Interim Manager – the perfect supplement for your company.

Interim Management is the temporary provision of management resources and skills. It is the short-term assignment of a seasoned interim executive manager to manage a transition or transformation project. Furthermore to handle a crisis or to push through a cultural change within an organization.

In such situations of change, the permanent employee approach is usually sub-optimal due to subjectivity and internal politics.
It is usually impossible to find the perfect fit of a person in the marketplace or on internet platforms on short notice. This is because a quality selection process is time consuming and Internet-based candidate information cannot be easily verified for the real truth. Additionally, there may be no one internally available without requiring a learning curve for a particular position or project.

Interim Management is the core competency of BRAINFORCE as the pioneer of the Interim Management industry in Continental Europe.