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Career as an Interim Manager – a new Lifestyle

You have already worked as an interim manager, project manager or an expert. You have successfully been able to acquire your own mandates as a result of your networking activities.

You have decided that you want to change from an employee work style to become your own entrepreneur. Saying goodbye to corporate political games, PowerPoint orgies and “never ending meetings”. You want to bring your expertise there, where it is really appreciated.

You have acquired specific skills in your previous jobs with different employers.  Developing an entrepreneurial thinking, and a result-oriented style of working. Effective project management will be as familiar to you as modern management tools and techniques. You can communicate effectively at all levels and you perform well across different cultures and under time pressure.

You are self-employed, eager to apply your specific and well-founded knowledge and practical management experience. You are determined to work as an Interim Manager for the next 5-10 years.

If the above statements apply to you, then you are ready to take the first step into the BRAINFORCE world.

Then you are ready to take the first step into the BRAINFORCE world.