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Entrepreneurial thinking and acting

The BRAINFORCE experts are characterized by extensive management experience and proven success in conception and implementation as well as by their extraordinary personality.

We guarantee the provision of the right and necessary competency in any industries and for any task.

The main areas of application are in bridging management gaps at C level, change processes, restructuring as well as process and productivity improvements. Furthermore, M&A and post-merger integration, implementing corporate strategies, repositionings as well as market entries and may other more belong to the portfolio of Brainforce Interim Managers.

As an Interim Management services provider, BRAINFORCE offers temporary, project-based positions as managing director/CEO, CFO, turnaround manager, plant manager, division manager, project manager and others. You will typically work in machinery, automotive, electrical engineering, , plant construction, metal processing, energy, pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer goods, media and other sectors.

Career as an Interim Manager – a new Lifestyle

  • You have already worked as an interim manager, project manager or practice-oriented expert and have acquired your own mandates on the basis of your network
  • You have decided that you would like to go your own professional way. Want to say goodbye to company policy games, PowerPoint orgies and endless meetings all day. You want to apply your competency where it is really needed and effective
  • You have an entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting. Project management is just as familiar to you as the usual management models and methods
  • You can communicate and deal with a wide variety of cultures

Are you already self-employed, would you like to use your sound knowledge and specific skills in a targeted manner and have therefore decided to work as an interim manager?

Do the above points apply to you? Then take the first step into the BRAINFORCE world and apply for a M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool® membership.

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