with technical know-how

Staff logistics to optimize your processes in the warehouse and to ship in a timely manner

Logistics is a central linking element in the value chain between the production of goods and the market or the users of goods. Logistics provides customer and process-oriented operational solutions for overall and subsystems in companies, groups, networks and virtual enterprises. Intra-logistics deals with the logistical flow of materials and goods within a company’s premises. Transport/distribution logistics deals with the movement of goods by land, sea or air. The factors of time, reliability and cost are decisive. The professional and accurate filling of important management positions within a few days, for example with an interim logistics manager, an interim head of finance or an interim head of human resources, is often the most efficient and, in the overall entrepreneurial view, the most cost-effective option.

What tasks/positions does an interim manager take on in the area of logistics & distribution?

Interim assignments in Logistics & Distribution focus on the short-term staffing of management functions such as Head of Logistics, Head of Intra-Logistics, Head of Distribution, Head of Distribution Center, Head of Materials Management, Head of Logistics Planning, etc. But also the important central functions such as Head of Finance, Head of Sales, Head of Human Resources, Head of IT/Digitization or Head of Facility Management are often filled on an interim basis. Such positions are usually advertised as permanent positions, but the search for the most suitable person takes longer than expected. Time is money and an interim manager is often a perfect solution to bridge the gap until the best permanent solution is found. Very often the assignments also take place in a project manager role, such as crisis manager in the warehouse, project manager construction of high bay warehouse, project manager supply chain optimization, etc. Here, the technical know-how is usually in the foreground.

Bottlenecks in management positions – an interim logistics manager is the most efficient solution

Unexpected personnel bottlenecks due to termination, leave of absence or illness can be solved efficiently with an interim manager. Furthermore, for example, if a new high-bay warehouse is being built or a new warehouse management system is being introduced and relevant operational experience is required, an interim solution is the ideal solution. The interim manager brings not only a relevant experience but also a know-how how to avoid the typical pitfalls in such projects.

The right interim manager in the right place at the right time within days

An interim manager in the logistics and forwarding sector serves as an interim bridging, but not only…

In addition to urgent special situations in line, functional or project management, interim managers of are also deployed specifically because of a certain know-how or situation experience. This can be a restructuring or reorganization of the logistics company/unit, the development of a new market abroad or in a new niche, or the operational introduction of a new ERP system locally or globally. In such situations, experience is worth its weight in gold, because an expensive learning curve is avoided thanks to the know-how, the relevant life experience and the network of relationships of the assigned interim manager.