with technical know-how

Fill critical positions in the medical technology sector in a timely manner

In the laboratory, analysis and medical sectors, the factors of time, quality and perfection play a particularly important role. Precisely selected, highly experienced interim managers with industry and specialist knowledge – available within days – help companies to bridge management vacancies or strengthen internal management teams without delay, implement new projects, rescue critical projects in an impasse, restructure or transform companies, etc. In an interim assignment, or medical technology management “assignment on time”, the operational implementation is always in the foreground, whether in the area of research & development, production, quality, the supply chain, in the area of marketing & sales or other functions. Crisis management is also a frequent situation for an interim project manager specialized in medical technology.

What tasks does an interim manager take on in medical and laboratory technology?

The range of applications of an interim manager in the MedTech industry is broad. Assignments take place both at board level in various functions such as management, finance, human resources, R&D, as well as at middle management level in operations, production, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, IT, quality, etc.. The reason for an assignment can be a short-term change in management, which requires a short-term vacancy bridging. Or it can be the implementation of a challenging project, where the internal capacity is not sufficient or the know-how is still missing due to the novelty of the project.

Bringing new medical technology products to market requires a lot of experience

The faster a product is developed and receives approval, the faster revenues and good margins can be achieved, since one is on the market before the competition. Interim managers avoid or at least shorten the expensive learning curve because they bring many years of experience to the specific issues and can be deployed within days. An experienced product manager or head of marketing/sales knows the most promising processes and methods, or which adjustments need to be made in order to introduce a new product to the market as quickly as possible.

The right interim manager at the right time in the right place on order

An interim manager in medical technology often serves as a bridge, but not only…

Even if interim management assignments are the most obvious type of assignment for interim managers, assignments where specific expertise is required are just as frequent. Examples are: assignments as head of R&D; as QM/QS manager e.g. with the assignment of a recertification of ISO 13485; the assignment as head of procurement to significantly reduce procurement costs; or the assignment as project manager to optimize the supply chain. The introduction of a new ERP system is also a typical task for which an interim IT project manager is deployed, who has a proven track record of implementing comparable projects on time and within budget. Digitization has led to completely new products and applications in the medical technology industry, combined with changes in the development and manufacturing structure and new processes. Many companies are forced to transform themselves in order to secure their future. The know-how for this is best obtained from the outside by an experienced, unbiased interim manager who is committed solely to the cause and can therefore stay out of the internal politics of a company.